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Lauren said she is a “more mature and focused person” now “who knows what she wants and is treating every day as a blessing.”“I have such a positive feeling about the show mainly because of the continued love from viewers,” she said.“I was caught off guard by it back then when it aired, I wasn’t expecting it I guess. For the personal comments, messages and letters that I receive. My heart has been filled by this love and support and I am so so blessed. When I look back I don’t think about the actual show actually, I think about the overall experience and the gift that it was.”Lauren is currently at work on her more affordable line, Bronson by Lyon, which will hopefully be more in the price-point of most fans.I’m also so lucky to have been able to give advice to girls around the world who have struggles with their sexuality or family. Follow Lauren: @1laurenrussell just this past summer where they lost bandmate Aimee Bessada, who decided to leave the band to pursue a solo career.Although they didn’t win the record deal with Linda Perry, Kiyomi and Laura have continued to work with the producer on their new album, which they hope to release in the latter part of 2015.He’s not exactly a gentle giant, and he’s actually pretty solid defensively.

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She deserves the credit of the magazine covers queen having done about three fonts.

“Pretty much everything in my life has changed since the show,” Lauren said.

“It seems like the only thing that is the same is my work — my jewelry line, Lyon.”Lauren moved from New York to LA in Season 3 but has been back in Brooklyn for close to two years.

In case you haven’t met her, she is about five foot blonde with the uncommon blue eyes. You can get these measurements from the agency’s pages. Lauren Bedford body measurements: Hair: Blonde Eyes: Blue Height: 5’8?

And oh, on the dating part, what matters most is the girl’s personality.