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Updating a progress bar during php scripts

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So if you design a site which has a timeloop at the end that calls a other site via a form data input (Data Submit) you have to give something out to the buffer to get that new site loaden quick.

For example: I had a bunch of problems trying to get flush working on my windows box, I finally found a solution after reading everyones here and it not working.1) Set output_buffering = 02) Set zlib.output_compression = 0I then used Wireshark to monitor network packets, and indeed the server was pusing the data, but the browser was not displaying it..

It will not work with ini_set() since it is PHP_INI_PERDIR.

Next thing is to begin with ob_start(); Then you needob_flush();flush();before any echo or print.

So you must also set the Response Buffer Limit to be something lower than its default value.

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You must set next options in like:--[code]-- output_buffering = Off ;output_handler = zlib.output_compression = Off ;zlib.output_handler = --[^code^]--If things does not work you must view headers from the server and check `Server` string.You can also turn the compression off for a directory by making a .htaccess file and adding the following entry:mod_gzip_on Off However that affects the whole directory. I just had some problems with flush() and ob_flush().What I did to resolve this problem took me some time to figure out so I'd like to share what I came up with.I would like to point out that there is a function to replace ob_flush and flush.If you set ob_implicit_flush(true); at the top of the page it will automatically flush any echo or print you do in the rest of the script.I even tried throttling my loops to see if it was processor related but still had problems.