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Jennifer Sobol, DO, Urologist with the Michigan Institute of Urology, West Bloomfield, MI. Articles reviewed by this team of professionals are referenced using "A.
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How many of the top tier of business men and women – even your own firm’s CEO – swan in to the first meeting of the day with their takeaway designer coffee or healthy green shake they’ve just picked up to power-up their morning? These props add no cachet and mean nothing to non-millennials – they just think you’re a fairly tedious poseur. Twitter is for everyone, so that’s fine to add superiors on there (but don’t cry yourself to sleep if they don’t follow you back).

Fancy pranking your colleague and filming it for your Instagram or Snapchat story? Instagram should only be for close friends (which can include colleagues who you see frequently outside of work).

Although they moved in together and had lived in domestic bliss since 1953, it wasn’t until 2004 that they were able to marry in California — a marriage that was later voided by the California Supreme Court.

Happily, Del and Phyllis did eventually say vows that stuck on June 16, 2008, just a few months before Dorothy died at the age of 87.

In 2008, after a four-year relationship, Ellen married Portia di Rossi, best-known for her role as Lindsay Fünke in “Arrested Development.” Whether they’re lounging together on the couch at home with their four dogs and three cats or joking around at a vegan cafe, this couple is just as cute as can be.

Actress Jodie Foster made a splash at the 2013 Golden Globes when she came out (though she refrained from using the words “gay” or “lesbian”) in her acceptance speech for the Cecil B. The very next year, she made headlines again by marrying actress and photographer Alexandra Hedison, most famous for playing Dylan Moreland in the Showtimes series “The L Word.” Jodie and Alex are a private couple, preferring to snuggle indoors with their dog Ziggy than play the role of celebrity.

Even if they pop out quickly, when they return they should see you looking at your written notes that relate to their business and still mentally tuned to the meeting, not scrolling through emails. Acting above your station Being addicted to your phone Carrying coffee into meetings Pranking people at work Missing deadlines Gossiping in the office Asking for charity donations Taking other people's food from the fridge In time, you may become friendly with your boss. It is up to the boss to add you on Facebook, not the other way round.The controversial right-to-die crusader - dubbed 'Dr Death' by detractors - is in Queensland to hold 'Suicide for Dummies' workshops and joined in the festivities.The public spectacle came under attack from Dr Nitschke's critics, with pro-life campaigner Chris Da Silva slamming the stunt.'It's just too dangerous, and it also undermines public efforts in suicide prevention,' said Mr Da Silva of Cherish Life Queensland.A purple-clad flash mob descended on a popular beach belting out the Bon Jovi anthem 'It's my life'.The group of dozens of mostly senior citizens hit Surfer's Paradise on Friday to celebrate the 70th birthday of euthanasia advocate Dr Philip Nitschke.The flash mob comes days after Dr Nitschke spoke to the media about a suicide pact between three Gold Coast women in June.