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We got ours last week but this isn’t a review – opinions are still forming over here at the global headquarters of Bruceb Consulting. There’s a story from a reviewer who was eager to write an early review: “Since I promised everyone that I’d do an unboxing/first impressions, then a full review later, I wanted to be true to that promise. For now I sit with a 0 block of plastic and glass that won’t even let me read the user manual or dictionary without first connecting to a network to register my device online.

For now I want to point out a single issue: some people are having trouble connecting their new Kindle Fires to wireless networks. Tap tap tap, doublecheck the password, turn on the display of the characters so I can see what I’m typing and . Unfortunately, my Kindle Fire just didn’t want to connect to my home Wi-Fi network. Frustrating is an understatement right here.” (He eventually got the Kindle Fire online by replacing his old router.) There is no way to know how many people this affects.

• Experiment with the options in Excel to “disable hardware graphics acceleration”, and “ignore other applications that use Dynamic Data Exchange.” They don’t seem to make a difference for most people with this problem but you never know. One person thought the problem reappeared after running Edge for the first time, as if the web browser had somehow affected Excel.

There’s only one solution that has consistently worked for some people. You may be able to fix the slow Excel problem by turning off Cortana.

I replaced my desktop computer in part to get a fresh start on this problem; it turned up almost immediately and has never left.

The Kindle Fire is pretty useless without an 802.11 connection; it is not designed to connect to Verizon or AT&T networks, so a connection to a local 802.11 wireless network is required before you can download books or watch movies or install apps. You could find similarly active forum threads about problems with virtually every device on the market.

I pulled the Kindle Fire out of the box and admired it and turned it on and was led through an excellent startup wizard, which quickly found the wireless network and asked for the security key and . (Do a search for “i Phone dropped connections” or “Android wireless problems” or any other variation you care to imagine – you’ll quickly be convinced that nothing works, ever.) My advice: If you’re in the market for a Kindle Fire, buy one. If you’re one of them, you’ll be mighty annoyed, but there’s a chance that you would experience some infuriating problem with anything and everything else on the market.

It doesn’t happen all the time but that’s part of the mystery, because I have no idea when I’ll have an unexpected delay while a client waits on the phone for me to open up their records. This has been a problem ever since Windows 10 was released and it continues on my computer today. Instead I’ve had to develop the habit of starting Excel before I try to open a spreadsheet.

That’s not a terrible workaround but I still run into this bug nearly every day when I forget.