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Paul dano dating zoe kazan

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"We have to go to London at some point this spring, which I'm looking forward to. They change their menu a lot, so maybe that's what keeps me coming back. When she's more busy, I let her put on or whatever.

That's probably not her idea of a hot spring date, but that's my idea of a hot spring date. I like Prospect Park." You and Zoe live together in Brooklyn. "I like a restaurant called Bruci and there's some really nice people who work there and good food.

Bartlett’s brilliant comedy-drama follows a British family—in which Kazan plays the daughter—through 40-plus years of big and small history, and the big and small hurts that shape it, informed by the political and cultural cross-currents of intervening eras.

The gloriously familiar pop music between acts will gladden any music fan’s heart, while the baby boomer generation, and the Gen-Xers they birthed, are both celebrated and mercilessly satirized.

"I have a lot of girlfriends who are amazing actors, and many times we've talked about having to go into a room and give 'b---job eyes,'" she recalled in an interview with The Guardian.

You feel like, if you said something, it would reflect badly on you." Kazan has been dating actor Paul Dano for 10 years, and revealed that sometimes, she's unable to tell him the extent of what she deals with on sets because it's "too upsetting" for him to hear. "If makes you feel guilty, and bad, as if it's somehow your fault — that you're somehow giving that person the signal that it's OK to treat you that way.

In the new comedy “What If,” opening Friday, Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan play best friends with a charming will-they-or-won’t-they spark. I was doing another show [“Come Back, Little Sheba”] and we had a friend in common. I went in more impressed personalitywise than Potter-wise.

In real life, Radcliffe, the 25-year-old Brit best known for playing Harry Potter on film, and Kazan — the 30-year-old star of indies such as “Ruby Sparks” and the granddaughter of legendary film director Elia (“On the Waterfront”) — are pals, too. Did you do any off-screen bonding sessions to establish your chemistry for “What If”?

The pair—who met performing in the 2007 play Things We Want, directed by Ethan Hawke—have been together almost 10 years, and live in Brooklyn.

Kazan herself has written three plays which have been performed: Absalom, We Live Here, and Trudy and Max in Love.