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Kız, kendi gözlerimle gördü, tıpkı tuhaf bir kızla çıkarken, sonra merdiven boşluğuna sızdı ve uzun süre burada gitti. Çiftin ilk samimi video ailesinin düğün şenlikleri sonrasında tam tanalküllü bir toplum birimi haline geldi.

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They also show a serviceman standing to attention next to a line-up of bikini-clad women holding rifles at a parade ground in San Diego, California (top right).

Another brings colour to an image of a spaniel called Butch O'Brien (bottom right), which was used as a mascot on board a US Navy ship in the Sea of Japan in 1944.

In one January 2016 email, Harth offered that she 'would be willing to say at a rally or somewhere how [Trump] helped me with my self-confidence and all positive things about how he is with women to counter any potential negativity that may come out at some point in the campaign.' Twitter went into meltdown on Monday after the president took the awkward swig of water while unveiling his new national security strategy in front of military service members in Washington, D. While some suggested he was cradling the glass or 'president sippy cup' because of his 'tiny hands', many were concerned the movement could be evidence of a serious degenerative disorder such as dementia.

Tara Gee wrote: 'Tiny handed President #Trump drinking water with two hands.

There's that dementia setting in...' The first daughter, 36, left her home in Washington, D. this morning donning a red suit paired with a simple black turtleneck and her trademark five-inch black stilettos.

She carried her matching coat on her arm as she walked towards the parked Secret Service vehicle waiting for her outside of her house. yesterday after a quick trip to her hometown in New York City for a Fox & Friends interview.

Using the body as a canvas doesn't always go well, with shockers here including a llama that meows, full-back ocean scenes with dubious marine life and a terrifying-looking koala.Lee County sheriff personnel are also investigating racist language that a lieutenant's wife made in connection to the video. Chip Pakulis, (inset) allegedly posted on the video calling the women 'filthy n*****s' and added that to 'send them back to Africa.' Photos show shirtless soldiers wrestling in the snow and doing snow sport exercises in the eastern mountainous region of Pyeongchang, South Korea, some 180 kilometers east of Seoul.More than 220 South Korean Marines and 220 US Marines took part in the drill, which comes less than two months before the Winter Olympic Games set to be held there in February.After freeing the turtle, they followed the 75-feet of line to find more than 1,800lb - worth approximately million - of cocaine in the debris field.Images, colourised by a design expert, show troops taking a break in a hospital tent riddled with bullet holes from a long range Nazi gun in Sicily (left).Musicians, therapists and neuroscientists are collaborating on a new US National Institutes of Health study to discover just what music does to the brain, and how sound might be harnessed for healing.