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Whereas Naruto struggled to perform simple techniques, Sasuke graduated at the top of the class.While Naruto was reviled as a social pariah, Sasuke was adored by his teachers and peers.These characters all started off as close friends before deep-rooted ideological differences drove them apart and ignited long-standing feuds.It isn't until Naruto's series-ending brawl against Sasuke that these boys break the endless cycle of (figurative) brother-versus-brother conflict, and Naruto finally snaps Sasuke out of his narrow-minded self-martyrdom.The fact that Sasuke couldn't care less about all this praise made him even more attractive to Sakura and more loathsome to Naruto.Naruto's desire to one-up Sasuke factored heavily into many of the earlier stories.

When Naruto's class graduated and became practicing genin, it was narratively appropriate that he and Sasuke would wind up in the same three-ninja cell, with Sakura forming the last third of Kakashi Hatake's Team 7.Goku has Chichi, Ichigo has Rukia, Zenkichi has Medaka, and as we learn in the manga's third chapter, Naruto has Sakura Haruno.Naruto had been carrying a flame for the short-tempered young woman with the pale pink tresses and (apparently) enormous forehead since before the start of the series.Although romance was never foremost on the author's mind, Kishimoto has stated that he decided on Naruto's eventual life partner roughly halfway through the series.This revelation led many Naru Saku shippers to believe that Naruto and Sakura were initially fated to be together.Ultimately, Sakura's affections were only part of a much larger issue.