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Ios 6 mail badge not updating

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Here is my code blocks: Register for APNs every time app is launched - Device token received almost instantly.

Token has been sent to provider, and I am receiving notifications. But badge has no automatic effect until I launch the app and change it manually. BTW, I had this exact same problem - and the badge icon was not quoted.

After that, hit the home button, open and close the app and see if it fixed the badge.

PHOTO If that didn’t work, let’s try and force close the app and then reopen it and see if that solves it (it worked for my issues with Google’s Inbox, for example, but not Waze). Double click the home button to bring up the app switcher. Find the app with the stubborn app icon badge and swipe up to close it. Find the app on your home screen and open it again and see if the badge goes away after that.

Ok, so I know I can’t be the only one that this has happened to.

You unlock your i Phone to see those familiar little red dots on your apps that let you know “hey, you missed something! You go through them and watch as they disappear one by one, like a mediphorical check mark on your phone’s virtual to-do list.

Any specific reason why i OS cannot change the icon badge of my app automatically when the notification arrives?I’m not going to give you steps on turning off and then back on your phone, you know how, just do it.So with those three things done the next step is really if the darn thing is not getting fixed and you are so annoyed by the icon, it becomes time to get drastic –let’s disable the darn things entirely.As an example, here’s what disabling the red badge icons for an email client in a modern version of i OS for i Phone looks like: The effect of an app icon before and after toggling this switch is the removal of the red icon with the number on it, that’s the “Badge App Icon” as i OS calls it: This is the option you are looking for on a per-app basis, the default setting is always ON, thus toggling it to OFF will turn off the red badge icons that sit atop the app icon in i OS.Exit out of Settings when finished and you’ll find the adjustment has taken place instantly, meaning any existing red badges will have disappeared from those apps icons, whether or not the alerts or notifications have been read or addressed.I have seen all the similar posts, they are all discussing about either phone settings, or about notification types that it registered, or about checking the payload JSON includes badge or not.