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Gemini woman dating a pisces man

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Immediately, we hit it off as we found out we went to the same college and knew a lot of the same people, even shared some other common friends outside of that college circle as well. He especially has a gift for gab, able to speak to me about anything and keep up with my racing mind.

I asked him nicely whats going on and he was playing the nothing is going on nothing is wrong but I did tell you us going with the flow was not going to work because we have too much of a strong bond. I really liked and cared for my pisces guy and I really do want him to come back around. I just was disappointed and did not expect him to disrespect me by not ending things with me properly. Best, BEE Bee, My personal perspective based on what you wrote is that it feels like his responses are more of a reaction based on what you say and do as opposed to how he truly feels.

I personally feel that is kind of like what you need to do here.

If he insists in jumping to a new person all the time and repeating the cycle then my personal opinion is to simply share your story truthfully to others like an open book that would want to hear.

There aren’t many people who can just admit to something like that until one feels the benefits of being authentic outweigh the negatives of being upfront.

You can imagine how having these closets full of “inauthenticity” can just blow up after a while where one will want to blame you for many things to try and balance things out to make themselves feel better.