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See this email screen capture below (taken from In summary, Fractionation Seduction is the usage of psychology and persuasion techniques in rapport building with women.

What makes it different from other types of seduction techniques is that fractionation works in a more “covert” way – it uses subconscious signals that “hacks” into a woman’s mind and places attraction “triggers” inside her.

In that essay, I used a real-life event (a “lay report”) and used it to cover fractionation – one of the MOST key concepts in seduction.The tactic is simply powerful once you see how it works by exploiting the psychology of girls.Enter your email in the next page in order to find out a simple way to use this technique:- Now for the reasons I stated above, I want to control how this technique is shared on the Internet.A few years back, the usage of fractionation was limited and well guarded – simply because it was seen as a technique which could “harm” women (emotionally at least).Now that the knowledge is public, there exists a danger where this technique could potentially be misused by irresponsible people.Imagine meeting a girl that you instantly get attracted to – you know, the one with big, brown eyes, cute face and an hourglass figure.