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“When I got to my so-called dean’s house and that’s when I was introduced.” Reid doesn’t “believe” in the alleged lawsuit because it’s not what he stood for.

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I had my tablet out and was writing a blog post outline and was hoping to find inspiration from the strangers around me. The computer sales lady next to me told me she was traveling to secure a contract before year end that would hopefully tide her over for the next couple of months as her husband had left her for a younger woman. The first thing you need to do is identify your own baggage.

I had chosen one of the nicer restaurants in the terminal and positioned myself at the bar in between a large lady in a very expensive suit (she was in computer sales, I learned from her loud phone conversation) and a baseball-capped bear of a guy, hunched over his beer as though someone would suddenly leap from the sidelines and take it from him. I told her I was writer for a single girls’ blog and her face lit up and she confided in her Southern way, “Oh do I have advice for you, honey! I was bemoaning this fact to my married friend over drinks last week. I want to binge watch something on Netflix all day Saturday. Sometimes, just a different point of view is all it takes to make you happy. Baggage is separate from insecurity, so make sure you know the difference before labeling.

If their baggage is a deal breaker for you, let them know immediately and bow out. “This one is popular with women because it has a smaller handle and is light weight” he said. After a few false starts and major cat interference, I had the raw hole through the door.

Do not wait around to see if you can work through it unless you truly believe that this person is worth it and you can bend in your conviction or find ways to work together. Installing the door was also as easy as following the enclosed instructions.

After a mental scan of the interior of my fridge, I remember that besides cat food, martini olives and a bottle of Perriet Jouet, it’s empty.

Two choices then: eat out or stop by the supermarket and cook.

I have lost track of how many times a bartender has either come to my rescue to move a long an annoying person or kept me company when the bar was empty.

Conversely, they may do it to you, so be ready and stay strong. I get out of bed, stomp down the hall and yank open the closet door that protects the rest of the house from the litter box and let my cat in to do his business and stop the incessant clawing of the door. As there is always more than one way to skin a cat, I taught my cats how to use the door by locking them both in there and walking away.

If you’re worth it to a good partner, they will battle anything to be with you. Matches are not made in heaven, they are made in spite of hell. If someone rejects you because of something you have, done or are, they can never cherish you. Sometimes, this comes from pure ignorance or lack of education on your particular baggage. Either hunger or boredom encouraged them to put their furry heads together and work out how to operate the door.

I thought that said a lot more about their relationship than my character but I still felt it was unfair for me to be unfriended once I was uncoupled.

Over the years, I have found that flying solo with a couple can have its distinct advantages as long as you follow some simple guidelines: • Choose a couple who would never make you feel like the third wheel in the first place.