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Plans are to construct a 3.2-km cable suspension bridge linking Mankoli junction to Dombivli, cutting commute time between Thane and Dombivli to less than half-an-hour.

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And several more recent porn films, particularly of the "parody" genre, have been considered high-enough quality in terms of acting, plot and production value that they have been successfully released in R-rated or even PG-rated edits with sexual content either reduced or all but eliminated (examples include more satisfying beyond mere titillation.Furthermore, as the stories with those characters progress with this artistic integrity in mind, the real interest for the reader will be not how bizarre the sex gets, but how the different characters get along with their differing tastes and points of view.And second, would Two actually become the Portia we've come to know, the hardened murderer, if she were to get her memories back?Portia was a personality that Rebecca took on for whatever reason, but she was still Rebecca. She obviously had the capacity to be a good and decent person, at least to Android. Then there's Android, who has probably the most to deal with out of anyone this week, as she learns that her original purpose was to be a replacement body for Dr. Android's ongoing story for the whole of the series has been her struggle to be seen as a person, as a member of the crew, despite the fact that she is not human. More than that, she's a machine that wasn't intended to function in the way that she does.

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In some cases, pornos were once made with plotlines so that they could be considered art and thus protected from the laws against indecency.A more tolerant public, being in combination with the explosion of the internet allowing for easy distribution, lead to the overwhelmingly Porn Without Plot porn world we have today.That said, even today, there are porn films with intriguing if not all that well-developed plots, and at least some porn stars are serious albeit often not terrifically talented actors. , a 1982 sci-fi porn film, has been recognized as a bona fide SF classic., Season 3, Episode 10, the following recap contains many many spoilers. This episode was just full of emotional turmoil and big character moments for Two and Android (and even Three! recaps -- or half the other stuff I write -- you know what I really want to talk about is everything involving Two and Dr. But we will hold off on that for a bit so we can talk about everything else, 'cause this episode marks a lot of changes for a number of characters. I'm about to dump some serious feels all over the place. When I care more about the characters, I care more about the fuckin'.