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Dating a liar a cheater and a jerk

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If I'm happy in my relationship, and the sex we have is consistently good, sometimes amazing, is that enough?Am I giving up on an aspect of my sexuality if I stay with him, or am I just looking for excuses to fuck other people?It was animalistic and intense, and I felt like a fucking porn star. My boyfriend and I have sex that I truly enjoy, and I usually get off, but he struggles to be dominant, rough, or talk dirty, which are things I really get off on.

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To test the waters, I casually mentioned an arrangement where we could sleep with other people, and he said he wasn't into it.

We are very much in love and have a supportive, happy relationship. In every relationship, I tend to get a wandering eye around the two-year mark.

Recently I went by myself to see a friend's band and ended up meeting a man I had an insane chemistry with.

Two Months was operating under the assumption that you two were exclusive. I am a 23-year-old straight male who has a pattern of getting into long-distance relationships that become semi-long-term relationships before I get depressed by the monotony of it all and wind up breaking up with the person.

So the cheating was an asshole move and your rationalization, as you seem to be aware, is a pile of self-serving bullshit that's equal parts transparent and unnecessary. Two Months, the sex hasn't been good for you and you haven't been good to him. I resolved that in the relationship I'm currently in—nine months and counting—I would keep it casual, which resulted in it turning into an open mono/poly relationship, meaning I'm poly and she's monogamous.