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Within minutes of Katie leaving the room, Vinnie convinced Harper that they should split the sprinkle-covered lollies between them and tucked into the snacks together.

But while it might at first appear to be a sign of naughty behaviour, a child psychologist explained that there was a scientific reason behind it as the boys hadn't yet developed the executive functioning skills which control good decision making.

"There are going to be so many amazing girls around me," Fowler says of the show, which will air on December 5.

"These are the girls who were on the cover of my diary when I was at high school and now I'm going to be doing it with them.

When the teacher came back into the room she told Vinnie and Harper that the rest of the class wouldn't get strawberries because of their actions.

But Vinnie didn't seem fussed, saying to Harper: 'They're just too yummy, ain't they mate?

When Georgia Fowler realized she'd be walking in the Victoria's Secret runway show for the first time this year, she called her mom. It was huge—I have been going for it for five years, so it has been a long time coming," she reveals as her eyes well up.

"It was such a pinch-me moment, I still can't really believe it actually.

To test their willpower, Katie left the room for a while but told the children: 'No one's to eat them now, they're for later'.

Dr Shona Goodall, a clinical psychologist at Sheffield Children's NHS Trust, said: 'Executive functioning is the ability to make decisions, it's the control center of the brain.

'It takes on board information from our bodies and from the environment outside to make a decision about what to do.

One posted: 'Awwwwwww Ada and Tomas are just the sweetest, my heart melted.' Another wrote: 'Tomas and Ada so cute...

that little boy is more empathetic than lots of adults I know.' A third tweeted: 'Tomas, you are a true gentleman and well done for conquering your fear.