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No-one else has formed these opinions, so don't steal them as yours. any Vintage Amplifier will not sound anything like it's best if not properly Serviced & Adjusted first.

Small Ones Are Generally Much Sweeter Who Is This 'Master Volume' Guy? Keep Designs Simple For The Best Sound Volume: Want It Loud Or Not?

The Ages & Eras Of Hifi The Valve Era 1953-1967 Transistor Golden Era 1965-1970 Transistor Silver Era 1971-1978 Transistor Modern Era 1979-Today The 1965-67 Era Hifi Brands In 1959 What Went Wrong In 1968-1969 Why Hifi Lost Quality After 1971 Discount Stores Killed Off Quality Hifi Discount Stores Dominating By 1978 Uncompetitive Independent Shops Pricing By 1980 Slimline Midprice Was The Thing Why We Don't Like Many Amps After 1980 Why Later Amps Are Deliberately Made Boring Upgraded Improved Versions By Marantz What Went Wrong By 1977 In Hifi?

To Cherry Pick the best of the Past & offer it to today's buyer is what we do with Records too, this is a 45rpm Records Site after all & the Hifi pages today was one obscure long page started 2010 until early 2012, if based on Hifi we've had since 1987-90.

From 2006 we've had Sony TA-1150 with one Sony TA-1130 that we got back again after selling it & keeping the TA-1150 as it was adequate then & got a faulty Sony STR-6120 for £20 on wondering what it was about.

Are Valve Amplifiers better than Transistor Amplifiers? Be aware this page has sections written since 2010, some later page sections are duplicated in theme as written earlier as it states we've noticed. Our References The Criteria For The Best Hifi Musicality & Subjectivity High Power - High Current Amplifiers Why Bother With Germanium Amplifiers?

But for how hard it is to edit & risk losing interesting info, it all stays if it's been read through in 2017 to see it makes sense, if a bit on the random, but that's the appeal of Blog-type sites. Experts Say This Is One Of The Best Amps Ever What Do You Need An Amplifier For? The Best Amplifiers & Receivers By Era Amplifier Or Receiver? Our Pages Are Forever Updated How To Tell Which Hifi Is Better Than Another Hifi Buyers Can't Be Satisfied Safety: UK 3 Core Mains Earth The Best Hifi: It's Got Designs On You Q: Let Me Put It This Way - Is An Amplifier Being Musical The Result Of It Being Simple? We Are British UK Based, But Are We Keen On UK Hifi? Much More To An Amplifier Than What It Sounds Like All Original Credit Where It's Due No, We Do Not Play Classical Music Revising Earliest Ratings Tonal Balance Can Vary A Lot Tonal Balance: Messing With Your Mind There's Actually Not That Many Of Them We Rate Many Amps Together From Comparing Near Instant Comparisons No Amplifier Is 'Perfect' How Reliable Are They? Our Earlier Pages Told More What Is 'High End' Hifi?