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This is because Tf L cannot create divergence from Greater Anglia fares.Where Tf L fares apply on some National Rail routes, for example Fenchurch St to Upminster, these fares will also be frozen.However £11m of the extra revenue is forecast to come from generated trips as a result of travel becoming cheaper.The National Rail PAYG tariff sees increases for both peak and off peak travel. Through Tube and Train PAYG fares into or through Zone 1 only increase by 10p peak and off peak.We look at the reason for this, along with all the fare changes, below.To the average traveller, it would be easy to assume that the definition of a Tf L fare is fare applied to a journey that takes place on a Tf L-run (or managed) service.Child fares on other TOC routes are priced at half the adult rate. Weekly Travelcard prices increase by around £0.40-£1.10 (approximately 1.8%) depending on the number of zones purchased.

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It is still 0930 M-F and all day Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays.Whilst much of the debate during the Mayor’s campaign focused on the cost to Tf L of a potential fares freeze, in truth it was always these arrangements that were likely to present the bigger stumbling block, something that was pointed out as part of the LR coverage at the time: Given Travelcard is a jointly priced product with the TOCs then we will see Travelcard prices rise every year because the Df T will demand it. Daily capping prices involving rail services will also rise unless Mr Khan is going to ship tens of millions of quid from City Hall to the Df T to “compensate” the TOCs for the divergence from their bid projections? The simple truth was that Tf L were always bound by a set of fares agreements that they would have been hard-pressed to unpick – even if a Conservative-run Df T, themselves under pressure to realise savings, or beyond them the TOCs, who have their own financial targets to meet, had felt inclined to help them do so.The So S [Secretary of State] has to sign off the fare deal each year. This then leaves him with a dilemma – does he go back to the bad old days of a Tf L only product (LT Card anyone? Perhaps the only acceptable (and indeed workable) solution would have seen Tf L accept the full actual and future cost of the freeze to all parties – something that even Khan’s campaign at the time would likely have agreed was unacceptable, if the opportunity to ask the question had presented itself.On the West Anglia services that were transferred to Tf L in May 2015 there will be some fare increases.Cash fares will rise by 10p, as will the special Pay As You Go (PAYG) fares that apply for journeys to Liverpool St (NR).Whilst this is factually correct, however, Tf L fares do not apply to many of the tickets under which regular passengers travel.